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Kilwex Limited would like to recognise and acknowledge the great work done by the staff at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Beaumont Hospital Dublin.    In appreciation, the company has built a garden for the use of patients and visitors to the ICU,  working closely with the Beaumont Foundation and Landscape Architect, David Andrews of Brown, Richardson and Rowe in Boston to design and deliver this peaceful space.  Kilwex provided all materials and its personnel carried out the site works, paving and furniture installation, with planting and final touches completed with the assistance of ICU Staff.

ICU patients are very often unable to leave the ward, but when feasible staff like to bring patients outside to get some much-needed fresh air and natural light to help with their recovery.  Prior to this garden being created the ICU had no such area for patients.  The new garden also provides visitors and families with a space to reflect and gather their thoughts. Kilwex hopes that all who use it will benefit to some extent from the tranquility it provides.