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Safety. Quality. Excellence.


Kilwex Limited is a private limited company, established in 1996, that operates for both public and private clients as Main Contractor and Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) in the civil engineering and building sectors.

Management and Project staff are committed to safe and high quality project delivery. The company has a proven track record of delivery of civil engineering infrastructure particularly in live sites/ campuses, where maintenance of client operations and interfacing with the public/ client stakeholders is a major feature, including:

Airports – Airside & Landside

Urban roadworks & QBCs

Maintenance/Framework Contracts

Fuel storage facilities

Main Services Infrastructure   

Public Parks, Greenways

University campuses

Electricity generation & distribution stations

Port Infrastructure

Featured Projects


Dublin Port Roads, Cycle & Pedestrian Network


Aviation Fuel Infrastructure, Dublin Airport


South Apron Extension, Dublin Airport


BluGas Yard, Dublin Port


Belgrove Residences Plaza Upgrade, UCD


DAA Capacity Development


Kilwex’s Safety Management System (SMS) is certified to grade A of the Construction Industry Federations’ Safe-T-Cert Site Management Accreditation System. The objective of the SMS is to ensure the health and safety of its workforce and others affected by its work, whilst constantly improving health and safety management standards within the company and training and upskilling staff, both managerial and site operatives, to the highest competencies for the variety of work it must undertake and manage. As with the quality system, senior management in the company is currently reconfiguring the structure of the SMS to integrate it into an overall certified Integrated Management System (IMS).

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The company conducts its key business processes to ISO 9001:2015. It has established policy and procedures and regularly tests and updates these to ensure the highest levels of qualitative achievement in workmanship, materials, programming, purchasing, resources management, document management, minimising non-conformances as well as always seeking areas for improvement. This accredited system will shortly be incorporated with other company management systems into a certified Integrated Management System (IMS). The Quality System currently includes Environmental Management procedures relating to waste, pollution, energy consumption, noise/ dust/ vibration control and traffic management. These too will form part of the IMS.

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Excellence in delivery of its construction projects, particularly workmanship, programme management and cost control are key requirements of our clients and we feel are areas, through diligent focus, that the company consistently achieves high results. This is evident in the significant number of successful project deliveries attained on live sites with challenging programme and phasing requirements, along with the large amount of repeat business forming our business portfolio. The company aims, as well as through infrastructure delivery, to provide as positive working relationships as possible with its clients and their representatives by advocating and encouraging non-adversarial communications, proactive problem-solving in construction management as well as the provision of early warnings and a value-engineering focus in relation to cost.

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