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Inchicore-12th Lock Green Route, Dublin

Inchicore-12th Lock Green Route, Dublin


This project entailed the construction of an 8.5Km combined road/path/cycle route along the Grand Canal.  It also involved the construction of 1km of link road/ramp between the existing Kylmore, Killeen, 9th Lock and Outer Relief roads and the new combined road/path/cycle route.  A new public lighting installation was provided along the full route and also altered junctions with signalised pedestrian crossings.  Other works included:

10-way HDPE ducts for HV cables; 4-way ducts for CCTV, Public Lighting and waterways Ireland services; 3No. crossings of canal with on average 20-way duct lines each by means of damming and flume pipe methodology; 400mm water main diversion x 1.1km long; ESB 4-way diversion x 2.5km long; construction of 19No. x 6m 2.5 x 2m in situ concrete chambers; hard and soft landscaping; earth retaining systems and various site structures; fencing, handrails and safety barriers; construction of jetties; street furniture.

  • Client: South Dublin County Council
  • Completion Date: August 2010
  • Value: 12.3m

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