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Miscellaneous Electricity Distribution stations

Miscellaneous Electricity Distribution stations

Kilwex have been building new and extending existing electricity substations since 1999.  These have either been on greenfield/brownfield sites or working in existing live stations to provide extended capacity for their clients' needs.  The work involves bulk cut and fill, construction of access roads, control/switchgear buildings, transformer bases and bunds, various foundations for electrical equipment, concrete channel ducts, piped and ducted services, earth grids, hard and soft landscaping and boundary treatments.  Sample contracts include:

  • Gorman 220kV Station, Navan, Co. Meath; value: €3.5m;
  • Grange Castle 110kV Station, Dublin; value: €1.5m;
  • 110kV Station, Baltrasna, Co. Meath; value: €1.02m;
  • 110kV Station, Athy, Co. Kildare; value: €0.72m;
  • 110kV Station, Rhode, Co. Offaly; value: €0.62m;
  • 110kV Station, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin; value: €0.6m
  • Alterations to 110kV Station, Richmond, Co. Longford; value: €0.35m;
  • MV Building & Services, Ringsend; value €0.3m;
  • Upgrade works in 110kV Station, Sean McDermott St, Dublin; value: €0.22m.
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts at ESB Poolbeg and North Wall; value: various
  • Client: ESB
  • Completion Date: Various
  • Value: As shown

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